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Parker Crumley is a San Francisco-based industrial designer. Starting in the fine arts department at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Parker deviated, teaching herself graphic design, making posters for school events, and soon branching out to freelance design work. 
After graduation, Parker saw industrial design as a meeting place between the visual storytelling that drew her to graphic design and the physical making that had initially piqued her interest in fine art. 
As Parker progressed in her college career at California College of The Arts (CCA), she developed a strong interest in research and system design, integrating these qualities into her industrial design coursework, as well as expanding her studies to include a minor in History of Art and Visual Culture. 
Where most of her work focuses on medical products and systems, she recently has been exploring soft good design, which is an extension of her interest in physical making and organization. Parker is open to an exploration of many different topics, seeing each as an opportunity to traverse previous unknown territory and acquire new skills and interests. 

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