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Internship - 2020    

Designing a fresher play food experience by co-opting contemporary food trends and grocery store experiences.   

Work done on IMC account, Artoys. concept development, sketching, UX design, and CAD for children's toys. 

concept dev.
Toys all Lined up copy.jpg

Design Intent 

Elevating the play experience for kids ages 3+

Girl Cut out_edited_edited_edited.png
Meal kit cut out.png

Play Food Meal Kits 

I was assigned to develop the concept for a product SKU. The process included research on like products, research on container dimensions and manufacturing source, concept sketching,  early CAD, preliminary packaging, and instruction sheet design. 


I looked at real-world food trends to update the play food experience and considering how to add extended play value beyond a first and second play. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 8.04_edited.png

Meal Kits

Over the past few years, meal kits have risen in popularity and become a staple in many homes.  

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 8.13_edited.png

Open-ended Design 

Toys that allow for open-ended play engage children more and have long-lasting play value beyond their first use.   

food Sketches All Together.jpg


Sketches allowed me to think through and communicate the play food meal kit concept to the design lead and the client. 

Final Renderings 

Renderings were made for a pitch deck. These designs were part of a group of SKUs purchased by Walmart. Final toy designs were adjusted as needed/desired by the manufacturer. 

Taco Night!

Fill the shells with your chosen items, add some lime, and don't forget, it's always more fun with friends and family. 

taco in contaner v2edit2.png
Taco real_edited.png

Each shell holds four inserts. Once inserted, the pressure holds all items sturdily inside the shell. 

Blue Background.png
Sushi In Container test.png

 Sushi Time.

Pick your base, choice of fish, and toppings and don't forget to have fun

In context_edited.png
Sushii in a Rowv2edit.png

Each piece has a male/female connection on either the top or bottom, allowing the parts to stack together securely. 

All American Comfort.

potpie in contaneredit.png

Prep, fill, and enjoy. 

Pot Pie edit.png
kid with pie.png

The vegetables have male/female connectors, which allow the pieces to be taken apart and put back tougher. Breaking apart the ingredients will enable them to fit in the pie crust. 

Fire Up The Grill.

Cut, sort, thread, play, and play again. 

Skewer edit.png

Each piece has a hole that enables it to be threaded onto the skewer. 

Skewer Real.png
skewers in contaneredit.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 8.59.09 PM.png

Play Self-Checkout

I contributed to early drafts of screen and card reader and supported revision of screen design—designed UX, UI, and audio for screen interaction. 


Sketches were used to aid the designer leading the SKU design in generating form ideas. 


UX Flow

I used the UX flow as a tool to generate a logic outline for the final design. 

Checkout Station Updated.017.jpeg
Checkout Station Updated.018.jpeg

UX and UI Design   

When designing the UX of the station, my goal was to develop the most enjoyable and logical play experience within the parameters sent by the manufacturer. 

Imagining A Future With Less Plastic Waste

Designed labeling concepts to promote recycling/ extending products life span beyond the first owner 

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 2_edited_edite
Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 2_edited_edite
Labeling for Post-First Life .014.jpeg

Lable Design Concepts

The labels, which would be embossed on the bottom of the toys, are a concept that derived from several conversations between the lead designer and myself had about plastic waste in landfills.   

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