The Pouch Project 

Bags inspired by urban textures, colors, and materials.   

Personal Project       Ongoing Project         

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Bags inspired by urban textures 

Work done on IMC account, Artoys. concept development, sketching, UX design, and CAD for children's toys. 

Internship         2020     

If I had all the time in the world, I would walk everywhere. While on the long walks I take in the Bay Area or my home city of Los Angeles, I photograph urban textures. 

I am drawn to the patchy paint that can be seen on concrete walls and inspired by the colors of construction that litter the streets.

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Seeking Understanding:


To understand the construction of a bag, I purchased a small bag from a resale shop and deconstructed it, paying close attention to how the zipper and strap were sewn into the bag's body. 


I reconstructed a simplified version of the bag, using the original to reference the construction.  

Bike Pouch #1



I re-sewed every step of the process at least twice. Some elements, such as the straps on the back I approached five different ways until I was able to achieve the look I wanted (image 3). 

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Bike Pouch #2


Bike Pouch #2 

-Fully lined with waterproof material

-The zipper has greater reinforcement where the ends meet the sides of the bag

 -The straps on the back are wider, providing a more secure hold 

- The reflective loop is smaller, providing better visual balance 

Short Stack 

Short Stack is made from an altered version of the Bike Pouch pattern. It serves to test my understanding of scaling and altering patterns. 


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Imposter is made from discarded items I have collected on my walks. 

Materials: Tyvek mail envelope, trash bag, plastic amazon mail envelope, Zipper Vinyl Bag

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